Police tase & assault handicapped veteran, arrest him for half a gram of cannabis

Disturbing body camera footage has just been released that shows a handicapped man being tased and manhandled by police officers for the heinous crime of flexing his rights.

Corey Bracken, 38, was trying to eat his lunch in his van outside a convenience store when officers approached him and demanded that he exit his vehicle. Bracken, aware of his rights and his need to protect himself against unlawful prosecution, began recording the incident.

Bracken rightfully asked for the officer’s supervisor to come to the scene. He told officer Chris McGauley he was not going to exit his vehicle and was just trying to eat his lunch.

Other officers arrived on the scene, but instead of protecting Bracken’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights to unreasonable searches and seizures, they joined in on the abuse. After a bit of back and forth bantering, one officer attempted to take Bracken’s phone from his hands. Citizens have the right to film all police encounters but the officer apparently wanted to take that right away from Bracken.

Possibly realizing he was about to be jerked out of the van, the handicapped man reached for his walking cane. That action angered the officers who claimed they were fearful he was reaching for a gun. From the intensity in their voices and their screams to stop “reaching” for his cane, the officers escalated their use of force.

McGualey grabbed his arm and nearly broke it by bending it back against the van. The other officer, Less Harris, possibly realized Bracken was reaching for his cane and simply yelled for him to get out. Even though McGauley was ordering Harris to tase him, he did not. McGualey then stepped in and tased Bracken who still had not been informed as to what crime they suspected him of having committed.

The painful tasing forced the man to give up. He was then pulled out of the van and forced to lay on the ground without his cane and his apparent ability to stand. In a TFTP exclusive, Bracken explained that the officers did not charge him with any illegal activity and the prosecutors will not press charges against him.

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  • Edward Huguenin

    It’s lawyer time!

  • come-and-take-it

    All of the officers had a huge woody and danced in a circle around the prostrate victim. They later reported they felt very good about themselves.

    • Zaphod Braden

      And went home to molest their children

    • tom

      That Israeli training of American law enforcement personnel is really going well I see! At the rate it’s going we Americans will be a gigantic Gaza Strip in 20 years~!

  • Florian Crazzi

    COOL Shit for the brave Piece of Dog Shit Pig , Well done Pig
    Good stuff and it is Only in america / US of Terror

  • chris

    dumb ass cops. if they see a threat in everything they should be fired for paranoid delusional behavior.

  • Masdar

    Clearly the police over reacted to Bracken and should face disciplinary measures ,retraining or dismissal. Their actions were clearly over the top and their judgement of the situation was based on the social status of Bracken as he had been panhandling in the area. Apparently if your panhandler, homeless,or minority you are second class citizen in the U.S.of A..

    • come-and-take-it

      Or a veteran. The police hate it when they hear a veteran thanked for his service. I guess they get pissed off at people who go to places where the enemy can protect himself. Twisted ex-military types join law enforcement because it’s “easy duty”.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Have you noticed there are no massive funerals with TAXPAYER FUNDED police cars/equipment and TAXPAYER PAID police saluting for the VICTIMS of police MURDERS?
    Where is the recognition and apologies to the VICTIMS of their BLUNDERING???
    Always remember —- these are the “HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS” that the government says will protect you if you just be nice and give the government your guns. Police murder more Citizens every year than do terrorists.
    The cowardice of hiding criminal assault behind lies of “resisting arrest” and “I was in fear for my life” should immediately disqualify for life anyone from ever engaging in “law enforcement” . If you are that cowardly you should be a greeter at Walmart.

  • GAguidestones

    I’ve heard rumors that the ATF has made deals with some police forces to award them bonuses on all weapon and drug charges they can acquire. If this is the case, it may account for the recent aggressive arrests that have been occurring nation wide.

  • cowardly police are very dangerous to law abiders but not to real criminals

  • Tark McCoy

    Thank god, that’s the last half gram of cannabis and we can now go on to…what were we doing before this?