Oxford University Gives Women More Time On Exams

Oxford University let women have extra time on their summer 2017 exams in an effort to raise text scores in math and science fields.

Women taking these exams received an extra 15 minutes to complete their tests, despite the fact that no changes were made to adjust the difficulty level of the questions or number of questions that were on the test, according to the Telegraph. The policy change came after school officials decided that women were more adversely affected by time constraints than men, based on their own conjectures rather than any recent studies which have reported such results.

In fact, men and women perform equally well on high-time-pressure math tests according to a Harvard study on gender differences in output quality and quantity under pressure. Women also significantly outperform men in low-time-pressure verbal tasks.

An Oxford university spokesman maintained however, that allowing women more time on math and science exams is “academically demanding and fair” because 39 percent of women earn what are known as “first class degrees” in math, while 47 percent of men do so.

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  • doodaa

    Yea, ya’ know, because equality and sh*t.

  • John Welch

    All women are equal to men. But some women are more equal.

  • richardwicks

    Note to self: don’t hire women from Oxford in STEM fields.

  • Steve

    Where’s the outrage from Men?!? This sort of politically correct nonsense has been going on far too long!!

    • GAguidestones

      It began in the military in the 1970’s under Affirmative Action, Resulting in lesser qualified women and minorities an advantage over fully qualified white males. I base this on personal experiences.

  • PJ London

    This has nothing to do with the women’s ability to complete the examination.
    It is to give them time to get ready, check their hair, put on makeup and then change their outfits 3 times before even beginning the exam.
    Men just don’t have to face these issues.

  • Benzee

    Apparently Oxford thinks women are not capable of doing it.

  • GAguidestones

    Affirmative Action still at work.

  • Carmen V

    Women: In case you haven’t figured it out. It’s an insult!