Child sex dolls make their way back onto Amazon’s offer list; critics call for their immediate removal

The Seattle-based online retail platform temporary ditched controversial sales several months ago, in the wake of a similar backlash, but vendors appeared to have restored their child-like, flesh-pleasing 18+ toys on their offer list.

Campaigners have lashed out at the retail giant Amazon for selling in its adult section sex dolls that they say look strikingly like youngsters. The dolls are not advertised as silicone “kids,” but they reportedly have the looks of young girls, thereby sparking concerns that their adult users may go on to abuse children next.

“It’s outrageous Amazon is selling these appalling sex dolls that appear to look like children clearly aimed at those who fantasize about sexually abusing children,” Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan told the Sun Online, going on afterwards to call for the retailer to scrap the dubious sales.

“It’s just not OK,” he stressed, bringing in those “who tend to get arrested and charged for having images of children being horribly abused.” He stressed that those offenders “often have these dolls.” Khan addressed the government urging it to criminalize the creation, sale, distribution and possession of such life-like adult toys.

A spokesman for Survivors Matter, a group for survivors of childhood sexual abuse echoed the call, demanding that Amazon remove the items from offer without delay.