The Facebook hack is way worse than previously thought

Facebook revealed Friday that the biggest security breach in the company’s history is much worse than first thought.

When Facebook first reported the breach two weeks ago it said that up to 50 millions accounts could have been impacted. On Friday it downgraded that figure to 30 million, but the scale of the information the hackers accessed was much worse than initially reported.

Along with basic details like email address and phone number, the hackers gained access to personal data like who or what users were searching for on Facebook. For a subset of 14 million Facebook accounts, the outlook gets very grim: Hackers accessed deeply personal information, including relationship status, religion, hometown, self-reported current city, birthdate, and the device types used to access Facebook.

Facebook also admitted hackers had access to the last 10 places users checked into or were tagged in, the people or Pages they follow, and their 15 most recent searches.