Scientists worried that new technology will enable smallpox to be weaponized

Scientists are worried that new technology may give people the ability to bring back smallpox – the virus that killed hundreds of millions of people before it was eradicated in 1980 – and use it as a weapon.

The deadly virus was eradicated nearly 40 years ago following an extensive vaccination campaign. However a recent study which managed to bring back the virus horsepox, by piecing together bits of DNA, has signalled the potential for the virus to become a bioweapon.

University of Alberta researchers unveiled their controversial creation of the horsepox virus using synthetic biology in a study released January, 2018. The Canadian microbiologists revived the virus by purchasing synthetic DNA stranding online for about $100,000.

While the technology has the capacity to create lifesaving human organs, critics are warning this development can also have disastrous results. In theory, the same method could be used to manufacture the smallpox virus for a relatively low cost.

“Despite entirely predictable advances in DNA assembly, every human with an internet connection can access the genetic blueprints of viruses that might kill millions,” warned MIT biochemist Kevin Esvelt in a study published last week.

“These and worse hazards are conveniently summarized by certain Wikipedia articles, which helpfully cite technical literature relevant to misuse,” he added.

In fact Esvelt went so far as to warn the that the unlimited access millions of humans have to information about this technology is already so great, we shouldn’t be even discussing the matter for fear of planting the seed.

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