Racist CNN: Panel calls Kanye West a “Token Negro” for supporting Trump

Imagine if Fox News used such language to describe an Obama supporter who is white. This detestable language should not come as a surprise to anyone. Don Lemon is perhaps CNN’s chief slanderer. Every night, the arrogant Don Lemon subjects his viewers to vicious, misleading, dishonest, and bias coverage of the President.

However, Don Lemon (along with is panelists) may have reached a new low yesterday, when they referred to Kanye West as a “Token Negro” and “Negro who doesn’t read”, for the “crime” of supporting President Trump.

Kanye West has expressed support for President Trump publicly, and why shouldn’t he? Unemployment in the black community is at its lowest level ever, thanks to President Trump’s pro-America policies.

West is scheduled to meet with the President and his chief advisor Jared Kushner to discuss prison reform, violence in Chicago, and increasing job growth in America’s inner cities. Kanye West will be accompanied by pro-football hall of famer Jim Brown, who has been a long-time advocate for improving employment opportunities in the black community.

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