Human traffickers are using lax Irish borders to smuggle migrants into Britain

Migrants are forking out huge sums for new EU passports that allow them to dodge Cross-channel security in Calais and Dover in a farce dubbed by one smuggler as “a guaranteed way to get into the UK”.

The immigrants are flown from Paris to Dublin where they travel by car to the Northern Irish border, a BBC investigation revealed.

They then take the ferry from Belfast to Glasgow and then the final leg of the journey to England where they begin a plush new life afresh.

The brazen plot has been nicknamed the ‘Irish route’ because after a swift passport check in Dublin, it is the last time documents are shown before getting into Britain.

One Iranian illegal immigrant called Hamid has done the journey with a genuine Greek passport adapted to include his photo, and said he was “not worried” about being caught because of the security in Ireland.

He said police and border controls put all their energy into focusing on the Calais and Dover areas.

He added: “When I got on the plane I was not worried.

“When we arrived in Dublin, I went through passport control, I passed through the checks and was able to leave.”

He added: “This route from Dublin is still fresh and the police do not focus on it as they do at Gatwick or Heathrow.”

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