Race Obsessed CNN Reporter Humiliates Herself Again

CNN’s rude and obnoxious White House press correspondent April Ryan was totally off the chain on Tuesday.

Ryan has spent well over a year pushing the narrative that the Trump administration and everyone in it are a bunch of racists and are unfairly discriminating against her and other blacks.

President Trump’s gutsy flea-flicker play to foil the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles plan to embarrass him by spending their day in Washington visiting largely African-American youth groups while only sending Nick Foles and the team mascot had the entire media up in arms and none more so than Ryan.

She was called out for a tweet reporting fake news that the crowd was booing Trump when he held the ceremony minus the disinvited NFL troublemakers and had to delete it and back down after video showed that the crowd was booing an anti-Trump heckler – probably the same horse’s ass who became a media hero by taking a knee during the ceremony.

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