Europe To Fine Google Up To $11BN Over Abuse Of Market Dominance

It’s been less than two weeks since the European Union’s new GDRP data privacy rules took effect (forcing some US news sites to block European consumers outright) and already Brussels is preparing its next attack on US technology companies. According to the Financial Times, EU Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestager, who has become possibly the most hated woman in Silicon Valley for her crusade against US tech firms, is preparing to penalize Google for “abusing its market dominance” through its Android operating system.

It won’t be Google’s first wire transfer to Brussles: the company has already been fined 2.4 billion euros by Vestager for “abusing its dominance in search”. That case involved apparent abuses in Google’s comparison-shopping service.

In the Android case, the commission could impose fines of up to $11 billion, equivalent to about half the company’s 2016 Net Income. Google is also being investigated for unfairly banning competitors from websites that use its search bar and advertisements. The three investigations constitute a trio of EU actions against Google.

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