MSNBC Fears Clinton No Longer an Asset at the Polls

One of the Democrats’ greatest assets this November may be turning into a liability. Yesterday, during a segment on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, host Williams and  Associated Press White House News Editor Nancy Benac discussed the ramifications of Bill Clinton’s recent NBC interview on the Democrats’ chances at the polls.

While being pressed about his past, “He was defensive. He was combative. He was really out of step with the Me Too movement” said Benac of Clinton. She described his performance as a far cry from the politician usually “known for his spot-on political instincts and his ability to talk his way out of trouble.”

Williams observed that going on air to promote his new book, a fictional political novel he co-wrote with famed author James Patterson, was an odd choice for Clinton, saying that, “the questions, if anything, are going to increase about this.” That whispers of “me too” have shrouded Clinton’s recent appearances “doesn’t bode well for his future in the midterms, I’m guessing — correct me if I’m wrong — as a kind of a surrogate campaigner for the Democrats,” Williams continued.

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