War Hero of embassy seige HOMELESS, while terrorist lives taxpayers’ expense in a London home, enjoys a ‘playboy’ life on benefits

Winston Churchill is throwing up in his grave.

The word “hero” is misused in the media on a daily basis. Football players, however good they may be, are not heroes; actors, however dashing, are not heroes; politicians, however bold they may be, are not heroes. Bob Curry, 64, known as “Backdoor Bob” after being first to storm the Iranian Embassy in London during the 1980 siege, put his life on the line to save others — he is a hero.

He is also homeless.

Meanwhile, the only terrorist to survive the SAS raid to free the hostages, Fowzi Nejad, 61, now lives at the British taxpayers’ expense in a London apartment. More here.

This is how the the twisted “Human Rights” ideology of the left pans out. The wrongdoers, the law breakers, those who seek to destroy our culture, or civilization — they get the plaudits and the treasure. The heroes are left by the wayside. If we in the West are going to survive and pass on our heritage to our descendants, we have to learn to put ourselves first — period. All cultures are not equal, all Faiths do not embrace the same ideals; we should not tolerate, let alone pander to those who bring us nothing but death and hate.

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