24,000 Attempts To View Pornography At The UK Parliament In Just Five Months

There were roughly 24,000 attempts to access pornography on the House of Parliament’s computer network between June and October 2017, according to a Freedom of Information request by Britain’s Press Association.

The request — first reported by The Guardian — revealed that the House of Parliament network, which is utilized by MPs, peers and staff, saw an average of 160 attempts to access pornography daily. Parliamentary officials downplayed the findings, claiming that most attempts are not deliberate.

“All pornographic websites are blocked by parliament’s computer network. The vast majority of attempts to access them are not deliberate. The data shows requests to access websites, not visits to them,” a parliamentary spokesman told Press Association.

“There are 8,500 computers on the parliamentary network, which are used by MPs, peers, their staff and staff of both Houses. This data also covers personal devices used when logged on to parliament’s guest wifi,” the spokesman added.

  • Sallie Ann

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          • Sallie Ann

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