NBC Staffers ‘Afraid To Get Nuked’ At The Winter Olympics

NBC staffers are gun-shy about volunteering to work at the upcoming 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games, sources tell Page Six, because of tension in the region.

An insider told us that usually NBC staffers are enthusiastic about being sent to the games for work. But with the upcoming winter Olympics in Pyeongchang — a remote South Korean city 40 miles south of the demilitarized zone that’s changed the capitalization of its name for the games, so as not to be confused with neighboring Pyongyang, North Korea — some workers are choosing to stay home.

“They usually all want to sign up for the Olympics, but they’re afraid to get nuked,” said a source. But another insider told us, “If NBC News employees have concerns about attending, they are not required to go, as was the policy with [the Rio summer Olympics in 2016] and Zika fears.”

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  • evader2014

    2018 FAKE Olympics

  • hvaiallverden

    Eeh……., this reminds me of where I am from, some few kilometers from the North western borders of Russia, the Kola peninsula region, the Varanger fjord, where some Americans came to visit, and when the plane landed, and they got out, and asked where is Russia, and they where told its right over there, and I think they thought is was like hundreds of kilometers to the border of Russia, when they stated that is right there, go some hundred meters from the airport and look, its right there, and you actually looks at Russian territory, and they went pale, and refused to go any further because of the fear of the Russians.
    So it ended with them refused to go anywhere and awaited the next plane back to Oslo.

    The locals laughed their asses off, hehe, even the Inbreed Khazars, the so called Norse “vikings” witch is 100% bullshit, the basic southern Norwegians/North Sami (the reason for looking like Mongols is that they are in fact Mongols) are Turko-Mongols aka Khazars, the so called old “Norse” ehh….. “viking” God, Odin is an Turk (ask any Turkish historian=), just to give you an ex. even they go blank when they realize that its just an short drive (30 min) and presto, Russia.

    Yeah, hehe, good old days of cold war, and now its back on steroids.