2,500 Outlets To Get Seal Of Approval From UK Watchdog Despite Cases Of Retraction

An independent UK press watchdog is encouraging 2500 newspapers and websites in the country to display a new logo it’s designed.

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    Just another Kosher seal.

  • hvaiallverden

    Welcome to the asylum, gentlemen and women.

    How e…. Medieval, and its weird isnt it, how some group of people likes to brand everything, and mark it to, and now we are supposedly to be reassured that this mark (of the beast) is an guarantee of e….. credibility, yeah, for whom against what, British news papers, like the stinking dungeon called Guardians etc, etc, to the Sun, and the Washington compost.
    What are they sniffing/snorting, glue, it shows.

    Whats next, burn marks on our foreheads, to mark whom you can talk to, huh.
    Interesting times indeed.
    Yup, the shoa must go on.