Video: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Block Jerusalem Road In Protest, Dispersed By ‘Skunk Spray’

Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews from a radical sect blocked roads in Jerusalem again on Sunday bringing traffic to a standstill.

  • Sallie Ann

    Using skunk spray on Jews? That’s like using perfume to them!!! They stink to high heaven with or without skunk spray!!! They need to use a really smelly stinky stuff. It’s called BeeGo… literally makes skunk stink smell nice in comparison. BeeGo is used by beekeepers. A tiny drop is enough to make a huge hive of bees clear out in a minute or less. A huge 55 gallon drum of BeeGo fell off a truck on I-95 in Ft Lauderdale onto the highway back in early 1970’s when road opened. You could still smell it about FIVE years later it was that strong and long lasting.


    The Orthodox Jews are the real Jews. The rabid, right-wing zionists are the radicals.

  • Eye Spy

    Note there is no reason given for the protest.

    Most likely the reason is that these Jews (so called) DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES agree with the creation of the state of Israel. From the group I speak of THEY SUPPLIED A RABBI THAT WAS ELECTED ONTO THE POLITICAL WING OF THE PA DURING THE TIME OF YASSER ARAFAT.


    Further, immediately after a photo shoot with ARAFAT, THE RABBI AND THE REST OF THE CABINET the Israelis surrounded ARAFATS compound and refused to let him out.

    I wonder what happened to the Rabbi….we know what happened to Arafat…the Israelis killed him.

    Neturei Karta are one of the two such movements I know of.