Video Shows Kentucky Cops Assaulting Gay Couple At Their Home

A disturbing police bodycam video recently resurfaced showing a gay couple in Kentucky verbally assaulted and arrested in their home in the middle of the night. The pair had allegedly called the Graves County Sheriff’s Department too many times.

The footage, which appeared online in early November but only gained public attention three weeks later is worthy of a gripping crime thriller full of suspense. It shows a group of officers arresting two men, Billy Hamilton and Patric Rodriguez, in their own home on February 22, 2017.

Disclaimer: The video contains offensive language

Hamilton said in the description to his YouTube video that police first knocked on his door earlier in the day, asking for his husband, Rodriguez. He claimed they never bothered to explain why they were looking for him.

Hamilton says he made numerous calls to the non-emergency line seeking an answer, all in vain. The nightmare began later that night when police came back to their door without a warrant. This time around Rodriguez, who had been drinking, answered the door.

“I thought ‘Oh hey, they’re here for something in the neighborhood and can I help out?’ I came out with the intention to help them – assist them – with whatever they were there for,” Rodriguez said, as cited by WKMS. “I had no idea why they were there to do what happened next.”

As it turned out, police came to talk to Hamilton, never explaining why.

Things got worse when it turned out that Rodriguez had accidentally locked himself out of the house. Hamilton is meanwhile filming the incident from a second-floor window.

A police officer, who Hamilton and Rodriguez identify as Chief Deputy Davant Ramage, goes ballistic and is seen banging on the couple’s door.

“I will tell you right now you sh*t apple redneck, if you raise your voice to me one more time I will throw your ass right off this porch and drag you to jail. Now you need to understand that,” the officer warns.

Law enforcement officers discuss how to enter the house, threatening to shoot the couple’s dog. They bring a sledgehammer from their car to break down the door. In the long run, Hamilton unlocked the door and the officers arrested him.

“Not immediately evident in the video, I was tasered in my own home!” he wrote in the description to the video. Police said Hamilton was arrested for “harassing communications” after calling the Sheriff’s Department too many times earlier that day inquiring about why they were looking for Rodriguez, as well as disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, according to WKMS. Rodriguez was arrested for alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct. Both were released the next morning. It later emerged that the original reason that police had been looking for Rodriguez was an outstanding fine in another county.

The couple, who recently moved to Kentucky from Southern California, say that until the incident happened, they felt comfortable. Not any longer.

“Until this happened I felt extremely comfortable, now we’re very paranoid,” Rodriguez told WKMS. When we’re in the living room we look at every car passing by, it’s just instinctive – ‘Is that a cop? Is that a cop? Are they here again?’ It’s changed our comfort level quite a bit.”

The couple’s attorney branded the incident “The most extreme case of homophobic police brutality I’ve seen here,” according to

Via RT.

  • Formally

    Go back to California where you have gay privilege.

    • Patric Rodriguez

      Equal rights aren’t privilege, they’re RIGHTS. We will continue to advocate for them.
      – One of the guys in the videos.

      • Formally

        They are not rights, there is nothing in the bill of rights that says a man can insert his penis in to another mans anus.

        Oh btw, doctors in Australia just did a sex change operation on a 4 year old at the request of the 4 year old. Does that make you happy?

  • Sallie Ann

    For one you don’t repeatedly call the cops….even on the nonemergency line…that really pisses them off big time even if you aren’t fags. For two….red neck cops detest faggots and love to harass them to the point where the fags go back under the rock they came from. For three…Kentucky does not pander to fags….so best move back to FAGGOTLAND….and stay there.

    • Espadrille

      Apparently there are no real Christians in Kentucky either. Sallie Ann sure isn’t one.

      • Sallie Ann

        I am a Christian and there are plenty of REAL Christians in Kentucky…..they are just not fag lovers…..and don’t go in for the faggot lifestyle. You are an idiot and shouldn’t open your pie hole as you keep putting your nasty foot into it. Better wash it first…..faggot.

        • jerry Hamilton

          I apologize to someone who called you a racist pig. YOU ARE.
          Christian or not, You are trash. Disgusting trash.
          Please do everyone a favor and stop posting.

          • Sanctus Stercore

            Idk what’s racist about hating queers, considering half of the world and all races either kill or imprison them. And the people in KY are, “to your face”, kind of people. If they like you or hate you ,it’s to your face. No back stabbing or subterfuge.

          • Sallie Ann

            GFY and go away….

          • Sallie Ann

            You are nothing but a Communist brainwashed California reject.

    • Patric Rodriguez

      Thank you, Jerry and Espadrille. Sallie certainly is not following Christ’s way as he would spout hate and profanity. She sure doesn’t know Kentucky.
      Sallie Ann, Sanctus Stercore: With the sole exception of few bad cops, all folks in Kentucky have welcomed us warmly, especially since Billy has one of biggest and oldest families in the region.
      Equal rights aren’t privilege, they’re RIGHTS. We will continue to advocate for them.
      – One of the guys in the videos.

  • franknfree

    Fags leaving CA for KY? That’s like snowballs relocating to Hell. Are they only there for the Jelly?

    • Patric Rodriguez

      We had our reasons. BIlly’s family is huge in this town and they go back generations, we’re not melting, we’re welcomed here, except for a few bad apples.
      – One of the guys in the videos.

  • gmatch

    Gay or LGBTQ or American is all the same. The US has bred a inferior group of people – all insane.

    • Patric Rodriguez

      The LGBTQ community is, and always has been, worldwide. Accept it and leave your hate behind.
      – One of the guys in the videos.