Afghan Opium Production At Record High Despite British Troops Dying To Stamp It Out

Opium production in Afghanistan has almost doubled this year over 2016, according to a United Nations survey. As the Taliban returns to territory liberated by UK forces in 2001, the booming drugs industry is further proof the war failed in its basic aims.

One of the justifications given by former Prime Minister Tony Blair for Britain’s intervention in Afghanistan against the Taliban back in 2001 was to stop the production of opium poppies used to make heroin.

In a speech at Labour Party Conference that year, he said the UK must intervene alongside the US.

“The arms the Taliban are buying today are paid for by the lives of young British people buying their drugs on British streets. This is another part of the regime we should destroy,” he said.

But 16 years on, and after more than a decade of conflict claiming the lives of 454 British soldiers, poppy production in Afghanistan is at a record high.

The UN’s drug and crime agency reports an 87 percent increase in opium production in Afghanistan, at a record level of 9,000 tons so far in 2017, compared to 4,800 tons in 2016.

While Afghanistan’s Helmand province, which the Afghan government has largely lost to the Taliban since the withdrawal of coalition troops in 2014, has seen poppy cultivation areas rise by 80 percent.

The UN said the increase “will probably further fuel instability, insurgency and increase funding to terrorist groups in Afghanistan. They will also supply increased amounts of high quality, low-cost heroin to consumer markets across the world and will likely increase consumption and its related harms.”

The UK spearheaded international efforts to crackdown on the drug trade after the Taliban was toppled in 2001. Its costly aid programs aimed at providing alternative crops to farmers while eradicating poppy cultivation, however, did little to stop huge harvests.

Yury Fedotov, the Russian diplomat who runs the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), called on the international community to “reprioritize drug control, and to acknowledge that every nation has a shared responsibility for this global problem.”

Via RT.

  • Occams

    “….Despite British Troops Dying To Stamp It Out”

    Really? You expect us to believe this shite?

    So WHO is killing them? The US military? Because THEY’RE THE ONES PROTECTING THE FIELDS.

    And an ‘exploding opioid crisis in the US’. Could there possibly be a connection!?!?


    Jesus Christ on a skillet…

  • Occams

    FDA Loyalty to Big Pharma Exposed in Move to Ban Plant that’s CURING Opioid Addiction

    • Sallie Ann

      We can’t have a cure for heroin addiction….that would be disasterous to the CIA and their money making machine you know.

  • Sallie Ann

    The CIA makes way too much money off the production of dope…..and that is not going to change anytime soon….. Where do you think all the street heroin in the USA and elsewhere in the world comes from…the tooth fairy perhaps.

  • Vic Pittman

    What a load of shit … the US and it’s faithful lapdog the UK have made billions off Afghan heroin. The Taliban nearly had opium production eliminated …. then the Yanks came in.

    • Jafar Karim

      Absolutely. But according to America’s War on Drugs the Taliban stop of opium production was more of a PR stunt to improve their relations with the US. One of the major Taliban financial supporters was a major drug dealer. Still it’s undeniable that US/UK are running those drugs. 17 years later US just happens to have a national opioid crisis and it’s conveniently blamed on a few pharmacy suppliers.

  • HWR
  • ceonwulf

    The Taliban destroyed the Opium.

  • ceonwulf

    Truth News – what a joke.

  • jerry Hamilton

    “Opium production in Afghanistan has almost doubled this year ”
    Looks like you are well winning the war for drugs.
    The CIA must be thrilled.

  • Wile E Genius

    You mean dying to get it to record highs