German Secret Service Interferes In Negotiations Over New Government

Germany’s intelligence agency and representatives of the German army have interfered in the negotiations over the formation of the next federal government. They insist on increased military expenditure, a confrontational course towards Russia and ruthless measures against refugees.

On Tuesday, the President of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Bruno Kahl gave a “keynote speech” at the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich. The foundation is affiliated to the Christian Social Union (CSU). In his speech Kahl warned in drastic terms of Russia’s “geo-political ambitions” and expressed doubts regarding Western Europe’s ability to adequately respond.

Kahl accused Russia of trying to “weaken the EU and push back the US, and in particular drive a wedge between the two.” The modernisation of Russian forces is “amazing” and “disturbing”, he said. Instead of being a “partner for European security”, the country is “more of a potential danger”. “Russia as a world political player is back and will remain an uncomfortable neighbour,” Kahl declared.

The intelligence chief doubted whether NATO and the West were sufficiently strong militarily “to counterbalance and deter these potential threats,” and “whether their own defence and armament capabilities were sufficient.”

Kahl also warned against China’s foreign policy. “The time of modesty is apparently over, as is the time of exercising consideration. China claims it will rank as a major foreign power by the year 2050,” he said.

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