‘China Years Ahead Of US In Space Race’

The United States has fallen behind China in “operationalizing space,” says a high-ranking US Air Force general, calling for a more aggressive and less bureaucratic approach to catch up. 

Lieutenant General Steve Kwast, the commander and president of Air University at the Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, told CNBC that China’s space program could cause a national security problem for America.

“In my best military judgment, China is on a 10-year journey to operationalize space. We’re on a 50-year journey,” the general said, according to Breitbart report on Monday. “We could be on a five-year journey because it’s all about how aggressively we are going about this journey.”

Kwast said Washington needed to “bring together the right talent to accelerate the journey.”

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  • Citizen Quasar

    The U.S. has flying saucers, don’t you know?

    • Tom

      Noooooo, they were flying pigs

  • Tom

    China beat US economically in 2015.
    Wonder if US can compete in any sector with India by 2025?

  • Greg Straw

    Years ahead of faking space travel, and painted pics of fake space…

  • Kurt

    Washington spent most of it’s time and money during the same period attempting to
    rid the middle east of Arabs.

  • Flem

    If Washington wasn’t so corrupt we’d be winning

  • Boink389

    The USA will never catch up since to have the slightest prayer in doing so would require a major change it foreign policy of just minding our own fcking business, shutting down our many, many overseas military bases, stop supporting terrorists (really part of minding our own business) forcing out half of the US Congress due to them being owned by foreign entities and not the American people and the other half needs to stop selling technology secrets.

    The USA is just about done…just waiting for the switch to be thrown on killing the dollar.

  • Florian Crazzi

    That’s what happens when they ( US ) spends everything in KILLING People to satisfy the Corporations and israHELL . . .