‘We Are At Risk Of A Coup D’Etat In This Country’ Unless Mueller Resigns Or Is Fired

House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called on Special Counsel Robert Mueller — who is investigating alleged Russian collusion with the Trump 2016 campaign — to resign because there is an apparent conflict of interest involving Mueller and an alleged campaign to undermine the president and force him from office.

Rep. Gaetz also called for a special prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One scandal, the Clinton Foundation, and the Fusion GPS firm, which produced the “Russian dossier” alleging Trump-Russia collusion and which was paid by Obama for America’s law firm, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation is, in part, based on the Fusion GPS-provided “dossier.”

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  • amuncat

    The part that really pizzes me off is the fact that he is talking to a empty room!!! If you had a job and was absent as frequently as these people you would have been fired looong ago!!! What the he!! are they doing?!!! They already have long vacays to meet with their “constituents” back home, this is becoming beyond the pale!!! They already have a single digit approval rating and don’t seem to care!!! The slimy swamp is so wide and sooo deep that they no longer try to hide it!

    You should have gotten pizzed/suspicious when they exempted themselves from Obamacare, the greatest health care program in the world…FOR YOU!

    God bless this guy for at least trying…. Silence from all MSM,

  • richardwicks

    Might be best if we did have a coup d’etat at this point, it’s not as if we have any representation in federal government anyhow.

    If there was a coup to remove all bureaucrats and all the politicians, then to restore the Constitution, put criminal wall street executives in jail, declassify all the criminality, ensure the ballot accuracy, break up the propaganda that calls itself “news” – who wouldn’t be in favor?

    The reality we are all facing is that if you actually drained the swamp. all that would be left is a parking lot. I’m OK with that. My state government may be ridiculously corrupt, but it’s not lying us into war after war after war after war, violating the Geneva Conventions, and creating a police state. That’s my federal government doing this. I think we can all do without it for a bit.

    • Joseph Conrad

      There won’t EVER be a COUP in this nation save by RIGHT WING BUSHITES LIKE IN 2000.
      Americans are too ddivided by MELANIN-CONTENT & SEX.


  • chris

    first of all we need a coup d’etat badly. obama ,clinton anfd their minions will not see the inside of a real chain gang prison unless we have a coup. the u.s. has become a joke,and thoughts of justice are highly suspect in this country. we need a govt reboot. out with all present and in with all new,after we the people write the rules that is.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Everyone in the USA should hear this .. not just hear it .. study it. Mueller’s # 1 job is to protect the Bush Crime Family and to destroy President Trump so he can’t drain the swamp of the Bush/Clinton Crime Families and the CIA Shadow Government that keeps them in power.

  • n’awlins

    A coup d’etat? Where was this guy in November of 63? Oh yeah, in diapers.