After US, UK Accuses Russian Anti-Virus Of Spying

The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) – the UK government’s largest spy agency – has expressed concern about Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky handed out to millions of British users, weeks after a similar warning by American intelligence officials.

The spymasters at GCHQ claim that the famous security software has been exploited by Russia’s FSB intelligence organization and might be used to spy on certain users, including those who work for the UK military.

The concerns hiked after reports emerged that the major British financial firm Barclays had decided to end a years-long arrangement with Kaspersky.

The company has offered nearly two million free licenses of Kaspersky’s software to users of its online banking services since 2008.

There is no evidence that the users’ data has been compromised. Barclays and GCHQ told British media that they have never discussed the issue.

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  • James Leonard

    Given the Wikileaks revelation that the CIA has been using a Kaspersky lookalike to make it appear the Russian company was guilty, it makes me suspicious as to how the UK knows it really is Kaspersky they should be cautious of.

    • PJ London

      Just remember that CIA is an offshoot and subdivision of OSS and that is MI6.
      GCHQ is far and away ahead of NSA and tells them what is going on. (Remember NSA – CIA have to occasionally report to congress and has some minor oversight, MI5 – MI6 have none.)
      We all know at this stage that the RUSSIANS DID IT.
      (To be repeated 10 times daily during the two minute hate.)

  • Ld_Elon_Postman_RoyalMale

    In other words, there’re concern is, its stopping {Kaspersky} their ability to spy on everyone for data mining processes.