The Left insists “Women must always be believed,” but what about when they’re lying?

If you watched the Christine Blasey Ford/Brett Kavanaugh testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee a few weeks ago, you likely heard Democrats parroting the line that Ford had to be believed simply because her allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of the newest Supreme Court justice 36 years ago at a party somewhere, sometime, were “credible.”

Never mind that her allegations and those of two other women lacked evidence or corroboration. Never mind that the accusers either backtracked on certain details or could not remember them (such as when, where, and how an accuser got to and from the venue where the alleged abuse took place). And never mind that not a single named ‘witness’ could remember being on the scene or even knowing who Brett Kavanaugh was at the time.

This rush to judgment, this willingness to believe female accusers sans evidence and in violation of our founding legal principle of innocent until proven guilty, is having far-reaching consequences on American society that were made even worse recently by the false allegations of an LGBTQ Ohio University student who also happens to be a Student Senate member.

As reported by the Athens Post, Anna Ayers claimed in recent days that she received a death threat whom she said very likely was a fellow member of the Student Senate.

Ayers, the Post noted, said she found two notes in her desk drawer at the Student Senate office over the past few weeks, one on Sept. 27 making “hateful, harassing” and derogatory comments about her sexual identity, and another this week that included a death threat.